social campaign & posters

Me Power is a series of posters for The Body Shop as a campaign for D&AD's 2014 New Blood Awards. The goal of the campaign was to encourage women to shop at The Body Shop while promoting natural beauty. The challenge: how do you sell cosmetics yet tell women they don't need cosmetics to be beautiful? 

Rather than tell women they need cosmetics, Me Power sets The Body Shop up as a support system for women to feel powerful with the help of The Body Shop's products for those days they need a boost of confidence. The Body Shop would act as industry leaders in a shift of women's empowerment and confidence. 

The first poster in the series, and the title of the campaign, plays on the word "empower". By flipping the first two letters, we get "ME POWER" - feeling confident about yourself. Confidence comes from within and makes a woman realize her own individual power, but shines outward. The blue ribbon is a representation of the power, and this theme is carried throughout the poster series. 

"SHE POWER" helps other women realize their strength. Women who have embraced their power have a responsibility to encourage other women who are still realizing theirs. 

"WE POWER" is the sense of community that will be realized when women start realizing their "Me Power" and help encourage change in society's current beauty standard.

"RE POWER" is passing the torch on to future generations. Teaching children how to respect each other despite appearances will be the impact needed to make the change. 

To continue with the idea of empowerment, The Body Shop's next social campaign will help women start their own businesses by providing them with basic business courses and leadership training, and small loans would be given as an incentive to help them become entrepreneurs.

Me Power was designed as a student project in collaboration with Carlos Oliveras Colom. The Body Shop is not affiliated in any with the Me Power campaign.